About Simon

Simon ‘Si-Fi’ Fishburn – Drummer

Simon Si-Fi Fishburn w/ Soapbox Army
Simon Si-Fi Fishburn w/ Soapbox Army

Originally hailing from Sydney Australia and now living in New York, Simon has been playing the drums since he was 10 and professionally for over 20 years.

Having majored in 3 Unit Music (performance and composition), at high school and later graduating from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Simon’s passion for a diverse array of musical styles soon made him an in demand drummer at a young age.

He has worked with some of Sydney’s top event bands including The Enormous Horns, Gotham City Horns and Hipnosis as well as playing and recording for major label artists such as Tania Bowra (ABC Records/Polygram), Roger Frampton (Tall Poppies Records/ABC Jazz), Anita Spring (Universal Music) and Ben Fields (Warner Bros. Records – USA).

Simon "SiFi" Fishburn on the film set for Paradise Alley
Simon “SiFi” Fishburn playing a function in New York City

Having moved to New York in early 2012 to further broaden his musical endeavors, it didn’t take long for this hard working, fun and “easy going” yet gritty drummer from “Down Under” to establish himself in the New York City live music scene. Simon plays rock, funk, jazz, blues, classical and world music at a professional world class level and is currently playing with: Soapbox Army (rock/experimental folk), Erin Maya and The Reckoning (rock), Lukka (indie rock), Adrian Cunningham Funktet (jazz/funk), ADM Talent (top 40, pop, rock, jazz) and his own band SiFi (electro-pop/funk/dance).

To see a list of all the artists and bands that Simon has played and recorded with, check out these pages:

Simon also: sings, and plays the guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, clarinet (7th Grade AMEB), piano and multiple percussion instruments. He’s now teaching himself to play the cello and the flute.

Check out what gear Simon uses:

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