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Education Drum Video Series

Drumming – Industry Tips – Life Matters

YouTube Channel: Si-Fi Drum Guy

Si-Fi brings you drumming tips, “how to” advice and industry insight, in a unique and entertaining way. Aiming to keep his videos short and sweet, this Aussie drummer living in New York City will have you coming back for more words of wisdom every time

Things Si-Fi will discuss: how to apply rudiments on the drum kit, how to practice the drums, gig etiquette, how to balance your life as a drummer, cool and interesting drum grooves, overcoming fears and frustration, pushing the boundaries, preparing for auditions, increasing your value as a musician so you can get paid more money and much, much more!

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  1. Creative Drum Fills using Paradiddles
  2. How to Practice the Drums
  3. How to Make Money Playing the Drums and Behaving on a Gig
  4. How to Practice When You Don’t Have Time to Practice
  5. Applying the 6 Stroke Roll to the Drum Kit


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