SiFi – band


Formed by ex Aussie pat Simon “SiFi” Fishburn in March of 2016, SiFi began as an improvisational electro-pop jam band. Playing along to electronica samples, triggered from the drums of Fishburn, while Adam Ahuja (keys/synths), Misha Savage (guitar and producer), Lavondo Thomas (bass) and numerous singers would jam over the top of, to form songs.

The arrival of vocalist/lyricist Olivia Harris to the group completes Fishburn’s original vision. Olivia, who grew up in the church and is no stranger to improvising in the moment, takes SiFi to a whole new level.

Their debut single Calling out Your Name, released in November of 2018, took the band to a new era of structured songs, and immediately got picked up by NBCUniversal for the mini series Tales of the City, that will be released on Netflix in the summer of 2019!

Their follow up single Don’t Let Me Go was released on March 15, 2019, and released through Infinity Gritty/Ropeadope Records.

You can check out both singles on your favorite music streaming provider (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, Youtube…)

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